Item #9849 THE MYSORE TRIBES AND CASTES. D. B. L. K. Anan-Thakrishna Lyer.


Mysore: 1935, 1936. Five volumes. Vol. I: D.B.L.K. ANANTHAKRISHNA IYER. lxxii, 502 pages, 68 pages of illustrations. Mysore, 1935. Vol. II: H.V. NANJUNDAYA, R.B.LK. ANANTHAKRISHNA IYER. vii, 559 pages, 79 pages of illustrations. Mysore, 1928. Vol. III: H.V. NANJUNDAYA, R.B.L.K. ANANTHAKRISHNA IYER, xvi, 619 pages, 76 pages of illustrations. Mysore, 1930. Vol. IV: H.V. NANJUNDAYA, R.B.L.K. ANANTHAKRISHNA IYER. viii 676 pages, 71 pages of illustrations. Mysore, 1931. Vol. V (Appendix): D.L.K. ANANTHAKRISHNA IYER. 70 pages. Mysore, 1936. Later library cloth covers. Item #9849

This ethnographic survey of the tribes and castes of the Indian state of Mysore took more than thirty years to complete and is the definitive work on the ethnography of the peoples of this region. The text of this very scarce five-volume set has received plaudits for its excellence; the bulk of the illustrations are photographs of splendid quality.

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